1621957_10203132184216355_1120339715_nMy name is Leah. I’m a junior here at JCU studying AYA English. My favorite way to spend a beautiful sunny day is outside hiking, canoeing, or telling stories around a bonfire with friends. On an even more beautiful rainy day you’ll find me curled up on the couch with a good book or cheesy rom-com, sipping a salted caramel macchiato (beverage of choice) or a huge glass of red wine (secret first beverage of choice). I like to pretend that I don’t use technology, but it’s just a facade to try to fit into my Whitmanesque fantasy. In reality, I check my Instagram feed at least 10 times a day and occasionally attempt wit on Facebook. Technology is a part of our ever-changing world and is dramatically influencing the face of education. I would like to harness what I learn in ED 386 in a way that presents technology and media as a means of exploring the world and education throughout my future classrooms, instead of  escaping it for a 2-D, electronic counterpart. Technology is our friend, when used correctly and in a way that ignites passion.

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